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Why do you need basics?

We have all been there, five minutes to get out the door, nothing to wear. Or at least it feels this way. You go to the mall and blow your work check and for a short two weeks you feel great and confident in your new items. However, the same issue arises and you claim to have no clothes again.

You probably have heard this before but, I can guarantee this is because you don't have enough basics. From personal experience when I started prioritizing my shopping on acquiring versatile items I run into the "nothing to wear" problem much less.

As always I have this post filled with inspo pictures, and links are at the bottom of the page.

Do you feel like you have nothing to wear?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Sometimes

I am assuming most of you are going to say yes.

What is the overall vibe I am talking about? I have some pictures from my Pinterest here (also go follow me on there) That I think represent basic outfits proficiently.

When looking for staples to have to ask yourself; How many different ways can I wear this? (at least 3-5 different ways) and, can it be styled in more than one season? (yes) If you can answer these questions correctly it is a basic.

Look for pieces that you know won't go "out of style" Like white t-shirts and a good pair of jeans. Quality sunglasses and accessories that will last a long time. Instead of buying low-grade items that will run down quickly. This is not only more sustainable, but will save you money in the long run.

(Ignore the uggs, those are trendy not timeless)

First and foremost, you need at least one pair of jeans that you love. Emphasis on LOVE. I know this can be a struggle but, I have a few pairs that won't let you down. AND LADIES. SIZE DOWN IN JEANS. Good denim stretches so it is important to trust the process with sizing. They should feel a tad tight at first especially if you are investing in a good pair. Size down and they will last you years.

Here are a couple of names of jeans I think you all should look up and possibly try.

  1. Levi's Ribcage Straight

  2. The Marlo Denim Forum

  3. Levi's Baggy Dad

  4. The Farrah Hi-Rise Wide

Remember timeless, think to yourself will it be acceptable to wear this in two, three, four years from now?

A good example of this is a black or white mini skirt/dress. This has an infinite amount of ways it can be styled.

Another vital wardrobe piece is the classic long sleeve. This can be worn in every season, a summer sunset viewing, as a base layer in the winter, or just as a normal top in spring and fall!

Amazon also has some affordable options for both the black skirt and long sleeve.

Finally I think everyone should invest in at least one good sweat set. Either in grey or black, I know each and every one of you can think of 10 scenarios where it would be an acceptable outfit. I get almost all of mine from Aritzia or Skims. I would say Aritzia's are better quality though.

Bottom line when shopping for basics get the boring stuff that you can wear all the time, save the fun stuff for a specific event. you will thank yourself later.





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