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Swimsuit Brands No One is Talking About (yet...)

Spring is finally here, the temperature and the UV index are continually rising. As a population we are looking forward to the increasing time spent outdoors.

Since last year, I have found some companies that I have been loving in the swimsuit sector.

My most worn brands last year were,

1 Lenis Swims

2 Triangl

3 Kulani's Kinis

Go check out "Swimsuit brands that are worth the splurge" I talk about them there.

A Rising Trend I Want to Share

First and foremost, you heard it here first, animal prints are back.

Here is an example of what I mean, fashion is constantly changing and leopard print is back for 2024.

Iconic while still being neutral, I think this is going to be a staple in the wishlist of most girls this summer.

Vogue and some of the fashion Tiktok accounts I follow have anounced that this will follow the trend quiet luxury.

It is bold and exciting, I cannot wait to see it continue to gain popularity.

(link to this suit at the bottom of page)

Brands To Look Out For This Summer


In terms of pinnacle innovation True Tone swimwear takes the prize. They claim to have invented a bikini that allows the user to tan all parts of their bodies while still being covered by swimwear.

The founder Isabella Biscarini, has a driving passion to deliver comfort and innovation.

I have never come across a brand like this and I am excited to try their products.


The second brand that has my full attention (and a full cart) is sun bleached swim. I recently ordered a one piece from them for an upcoming trip and will be sure to post a review on one of my socials. I love the ties on the side of the one piece. It gives the user the option to raise the sides to elongate the legs.

They have exciting bright colors, and based off of my initial research of the brand, their quality stands superior.

A woman owned and operated business, sun bleached swim had acquired my trust.


When thinking of tanning this year, a brand that is on my mind is Gnash Swim. They make thin strapped bikinis well, they don't cut into your skin and sit nicely on every body.

Another sustainable brand that keeps things simple, they have a good handful of quality pieces that will last you years. You do not need to search for hours and debate on hundreds of different styles and colors. This is perfect for someone who is indecisive like me. I always have trouble deciding as I like to make sure I purchase "the best" swimsuit on the website.

Having 2 or 3 swimsuits that can withstand the test of time are of the upmost importance to a woman's closet. Gnash's mission aligns with this value.

I hope you check some of these brands out! Links below :)

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