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Spring Break Necessities

It is that time of year again, we all are shopping for warmer weather. It is one of my favorite seasons I adore getting creative with my looks, I also just love the sun.

Here are some of the trends I have had my eye on for this spring break flowing into summer, and why I think they are a necessity in your wardrobe.

Let's start with crochet, we saw a bits of this in fashion last summer, but it is making a strong comeback this spring break. In my opinion the "cover up" is just as crucial as the swimsuit. Here are some pictures with examples:

Uncomplicated, quick to throw on, and still allows for your swimsuit to have a moment to shine.

Don't feel discouraged if you are not into this look, I know this isn't everyones forte. Matching sets and soft light knitwear is just as popular right now. I love the matching set look in all aspects of fashion, it makes putting together an outfit completely effortless.

Specifically knitwear that is barely see through; you are getting more bang for your buck if you decide to pull the trigger on one of these sets. They can also double up as a dinner look with nude coverings under, my favorite are from skims I have a link here:

I would recommend having a nude bra and patties regardless because they are a closet staple.

This trend applies outside of spring break, it is CRUCIAL for every stylish girly to have basics in her closet. What do I mean by this? In this context, basics relate to mini black skirt, black dress, simple white dress/set. etc. You will wear all three of these items outside of vacation, making them apart of closet basics.

In terms of shoes keeping it simple with a pair of sandals makes the most sense to me, so if you don't have a good pair I suggest investing because you will wear these on future vacations and summer outings as well.

And finally, something about white linen makes me so happy, it made its big comeback last summer but I feel like it's still going strong now. Here are some inspo pictures.

Don't worry I will post again for swimsuits and other vital accessories. For now I hope this helps you in your spring break shopping!


Here are links to website where the inspo is from!



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